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Wiring help for Monsoon 6x9's

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Hello, I need some specific help with the rear speakers. First a breif rundown of the car and why I need the help. I'm working on an 08 GT with the Monsoon system. The car was purchased through the auto auction so I had no chance to look it over "well". I assume that the prior own had a custom stereo installed and pulled it when it was traded in. THUS, he never replaced the rear deck speakers, and the wires are just cut (no factory conector)

What I've done so far:
I got the wiring diagram so I know what is +/- is for both woof and tweet on each side.
I've tested with speakers and all 4 channelds work as they should.
I've orders 2 OEM speakers from gmparts direct. (pn ending in 218)

My problem: Being my conector is missing, i don't know the layout of terminals on the speaker. I'll hard wire leads to it to hook to the harness, but need to know what colors go to what terminals... even a picture of the connector would work so i can mirror that with my leads. Or if someone can type out whats what... ex: cone side right is Drk Blue etc...

PS, the front speakers work fine and sound good, and all monsson options/Xm/6disc work as they should
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,
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I srsly had a picture of these when I removed my friends blown factory's and replaced them... If i find them i will post them up for you.
Hope these help..


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That's a huge help. Thanks a bunch. I can mirror that if I have to hardwire them in.
I also posted in the WTB section... If anyone has the 2 ends that they cut out to do a custon install, I pay $20 for them.
Thanks again:)
Part number for rear Monsoon Speaker

I could not find this anywhere online google,etc, until BLRod helped me out.

The P/n is 22698418 gmpartsdirect was much cheaper than my dealer. :D

Now its a matter of wiring those speakers in without the connectors. Please keep those pics up so when my speakers come I can wire them in.

Thanks all!
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