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Worst Ticket you've gotten?

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:mad::mad::mad:So I got pulled over today on the freeway, a smart car thought it belonged in the fast lane so i got over one lane gunned it and look at the speedo 110 oh shit then look in my mirror and see flashing lights...... Speed limit was 70 clocked me at 100 :deal: so i thought id make a thread to see if anyone else has gotten pulled over that bad :bolt::confused:
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i think mine was 55ish in 35... and i was once caught 38 in a school zone, d'oh.
I've got powned at 87 in a 55 and my buddy has a 96 impala SS and he got nailed a 120 in a 45. BAD Tickets
Mine wasnt really too bad. 72 in a 55. but 2 mph faster and the cop couldve taken my license right there if he wanted to be a jerk.. Thats right though, smart cars do NOT belong in the fast lane! Either do old people (no offense!! haha)
I got pulled over for not havin a light bulb where the plates are. So to be an @$$ I put the neon lights around them that cops hate. Guess I'll be getting pulled over again soon, but at least I'll have lights in the back this time.
this is my kinda thread but not to proud about it my highest ticket was like over 200 buck for speeding it was like 80 in a 25 thank god that was the worst cause the reason i was going that fast was cause i was racing some stupid import with my 89 beretta five speed
over all remind you this was all when i was 17ish
licence suspened twice and defensive driving once lol thats all old stuff now
my record is clean and now i drive like an old person most of the time :)
Been only pulled over once in the old Lumina but didn't get a ticket. Don't overly speed around here since I know where the cops usually sit, but I drive like an old fogey most of the times anyways.
100 in a 65, and on a diff ocasion speeding, no turn signal, smoked licence plate covers, expired registration sticker on plate, and couldnt find my insurance card but that go dropped.
Worst Ticket on record... Ever!!!! A man in Texas was ticketed for 243 mph in a Koenigsegg CCX. What excuse would you give the officer....? Really?
Worst Ticket on record... Ever!!!! A man in Texas was ticketed for 243 mph in a Koenigsegg CCX. What excuse would you give the officer....? Really?
"Officer, I gotta poo!!!!!"
I can't say I ever had a good or a bad ticket but the fastest I've been caught driving was 86 in a 55. That was quite a relief too because that wasn't the fastest I was driving before I was clocked. I was on a raised portion of I-55 (about 26 miles long) and thought I'd open up my 1985 Celica GTS. I got up to 130mph and as I was coasting back down to the speed limit the trooper caught me around a turn.
lol i was in indiana on a highway going around 100 for an hour there was no one around then i saw a cop and slowed down to the speed limit then after a couple min. after passing him i went back up to the 100 and i see something in the review mirror bookin and suprise cop he said i saw you going a hundred and u slowed down but u sped back up thats why you got a ticket. He was cool about it.
Ive never gone over 115mph. 130 is crazy just thinking about going that fast its not the speed its stopping that scares me.
Highest I've ever gone was 240 km/h. All the way up the speedometer.
been pulled over 5 times, never once got a ticket, nor was I doing anything wrong in the first place (that they saw;)). Once in a 1991 GMC Safari, another few times in a 1991 Sunbird, and even a ford focus wagon. I guess they don't like 19 year old drivers. They were more concerned with where I was coming from and where I was going. I told the one cop that I was coming from a church, he didn't believe me but it was actually true. The irony still kills me!
I got a ticket for 11 over when i was only doing 6 over because the cop was a rookie and a jerk... but i consider it lucky because in the same spot a week earlier I was doing 170 :D...in a 55... I miss my hemi...
Well my tickets weren't that bad. I just have too many on record. In July 08, after I got my first license (bday May 23, got busted 54 in a 35. Judge dropped it but two months later, got busted doing 64 in a 45 and weaving n and out of traffic (warning).. Cop had to run lights n sirens to catch up, made me feel important! And this year, March 09, 57 in a 35 by Georgia State Patrol and only a $70 ticket... My g6 may only be a 3.5 V6, but it's fun.. Im gonna miss being 17....
Just got one a couple of weeks ago doing 55 in a 40. Cop only wrote it for 5 over. My radar did pick him up at first (we were driving in opposite directions) but lost him since he was riding the a$$ of another vehicle that was in the way. Didn't see him until the last minute. I knew what was up as soon as he did a u-turn and hit the cherries.
Alright here mine goes, take a guess at how pissed i was.

2 points, and $140 for cutting through a parking lot to avoid traffic.

3 years with a license, only time i've been pulled over and i still got this. Not to mention that it was at 7:00am. I Fckin hate Troy cops.

I have my court date to dispute this on the 10th, ill keep you updated if i am able to get it dropped.

EDIT: Oh and this was just my second day with the six!
147 in a 55. Cop came to the window and asked me if i knew how fast I was going I said no. He took me back to his car and showed me the radar, it was flashing 147. He said you had no idea you were going that fast. I said not my speedo only goes to 100....he took me to jail.....lol lost my license.
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