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Hi everyone.

I'm now the owner of a brand new, performance red G6 sedan. It just has the base I4 engine, but it has the performance package with the 6-speed auto, leather trim, and the sunroof/Monsoon stereo. All the rebates and incentives Pontiac have been offering were just too much to resist. With a sticker price of just under $24k, it was mine out the door for just over $16k. I've had it just over a week and so far it has just over 500 on it. Its a huge improvement over the little Saturn I had been driving! So far my only real disappointment with it is the lack of aluminum wheels, though I must admit that these plastic wheelcovers look surprisingly good. This is a daily driver for me, no real plans for modding it in any serious way.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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