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Yet Another Radio swap topic

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Ok, firstly I have done a lot of reading and research on the topic - I just want to clarify before going on with my plan.

I own a 2006 G6 GTP. It has the monsoon system, but not the 6cd changer. It has the stock head unit, and I want to swap it for a HU with Aux-in capabilities. I do not want to lose the DIC, so I wanted to swap with a 2008 Monsoon system. I have a few questions regarding the whole process

1) I read somewhere that the dealer needs the OLD vin (that is the donor car's vin) to program with their tech2. Is this accurate? My concern is because I have a source that claims to have a brand new 2008 HU - still wrapped in it plastic. If that is the case, considering it has never been used, will I need to have a tech2 program it, and if so, will the dealer have a problem without the old VIN?

2) What newer model HUs are compatible with my 06 G6. 2007? (yes but no aux-in I believe). 2008 - clearly yes. What about 2009 and 2009.5. (2009 i believe yes, 2009.5 no b/c DIC is in gauges).
- if my previous statements are correct - is there any benefit of a 2009 over a 2008 HU - obviously ignoring that the 2008 is one year older?

3)Is there anything to look out for when purchasing the newer HU so as not to shoot myself in the foot. for example monsoon vs non-monsoon - how can I tell (visualy)?

Thank you for the help in advanced.
Much appreciated.
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I can't really answer your specific questions.... but you'd probably be better off just getting an add-on aux in... go to www.sonicelectronix.com, look up ISGM573.

It's an "isimple" (aka peripheral) ipod & aux-in adaptor that plugs into your stock headunit with no splicing!

$105 shipped, got in about 30 hours from that website.

you can also check out www.pac-audio.com and see some other options -- you might be able to get an aux-in only (w/o ipod control) for a little less...

But if you swap head units, you gotta pay for that, and pay for any dealer programming (if necessary), and worry about your DIC. no one wants to worry about their DIC, right?
I have been debating about that for a while. I wanted to keep it completly stock looking, but I believe that this is a very viable option. I like that the you can control the ipod from the radio and charge it.

I have the monsoon system, with the BAND button. But I do not have XM or anything - if I get the ISGM573 and install it, when I press the BAND will it go to the appropriate setting, or do I need to have the radio programmed or something?
I bought the isimple PXAMG, you will need to buy a vehicle specific harness as well. Their website is easy to use and has everything you will need. I love mine. No need to carry around tons of cd's. I had audio jam install mine.
I like ninety6's idea of the ISGM573. It is vehicle specific and looks like it is completly plug and play with the approproate vehicle harness. Plus SonicElectronix is the tits! Awesome site - I've ordered TONS of stuff from them - seriously like the best prices around - even better than ebay on a lot of stuff.

Installation isn't a problem - I'm very capable of doing it. I've installed a completly custom sound system in my Sunfire, so a plug-and-play isn't much of a hassel.

I'm just not sure if I need to have GM or a tech 2 flash something or other to enable the band button to switch to the appropriate input - I'm not familiar with the software related aspects of cars.
I installed an iSimple a few weeks ago in my 2007 G6 GT Coupe. Shop around for better prices, I used sonicelectronics also for the ISGM573 and then bought the Sirius interface and specific cable ISSR11 off Amazon. Good prices and I am very pleased with the system.

There was a few small red wires that I hooked up wrong, this took me a few hours to figure out, all I had to do was disconnect 1 set and it worked like a charm. The car was acting very funny while I had it connected wrong. That was my only issue. There is even youtube vids for the install. I drilled a hole in that little cubby hole under the radio and put a bushing in there to run the ipod cable thru.

Any other questions I am fresh on the info.

You don't need to bring it to a dealer. I didnt have any satellite radio installed and no problems. Bust hit band and dial which input you want.
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I should be ok - I had to ask questions because my car is in storage for the winter. I'll get it out in about a month's time - so I couldn't go look at it for reference or anything. I want to have everything ready for when I get it on the road though.



Actually, I now have a concern. I was on the iSimple website

it says the following:

The iSimple GateWay IS NOT compatible with...

GM vehicles equipped with a "Monsoon" stereo system
•2006-2008 LX or DX Honda Civic models
•Honda or Acura vehicles featuring XM NAV-Traffic radios
•2009 Toyota, Scion or Lexus vehicles that have an "XM" logo printed on the face of the radio
•Scion vehicles equipped with the factory-installed Pioneer radio featuring an OEL display
•Hyundai vehicles equipped with navigation radios or internal satellite radio tuners
•2008 Nissan Pathfinder and Armada models equipped with factory-installed navigation
•2007-2009 Nissan Altima models equipped with factory-installed navigation
•2009 Nissan Maxima models equipped with factory-installed navigation
•2009 Volkswagen vehicles equipped with factory-installed navigation
•Volkswagen vehicles equipped with factory-installed iPod adapter

So I do have a band button, but it is also a Monsoon system - so what gives? Can I attach this - I never heard it wouldn't work with a Monsoon before.

----- DOUBLE EDIT----

I got a reply from iSimple's tech support (less than an hour after contacting them by email)
Here is what they had to say:

Thank you for the inquiry. The note about the Monsoon incompatibility only refers to the ISGM575 applications...not the ISGM573 applications, so your radio is compatible. "

Meaning BAND with Monsoon is ok with the G6
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So I got the ISGM573 in the mail 2 days ago. I checked it out - seemed simple enough. Unplug the 2 factory harnesses from the radio, plug them into the new ISGM573 harness, then plug the new ISGM573 harness into the radio - while connecting 2 pink wires together.

I installed it yesterday - at first I was worried because when I pulled out the radio it only had 1 wire harness plugged into it(24 pin) and there was no 12 pin wire plugged in. The radio did have a spot for both though. I carried on as if that had not been the case - so I plugged both the 24 pin and 12 pin ISGM573 wires into the radio. Took the radio's original 24 pin harness and plugged it into the ISGM573 and left the ISGM573's 12 pin female connector alone. It worked perfectly

I love it! Sound is super clear. A+
I have the ISIMPLE ISGM573 for my 06 GT and I used to be able to control it from my steering wheel but now I can only do it from my ipod. Would anyone know how to change it? My radio screen says AUX when it should say ipod but I'm not sure how to switch it back. Any advice would help.

I have the ISIMPLE ISGM573 for my 06 GT and I used to be able to control it from my steering wheel but now I can only do it from my ipod. Would anyone know how to change it? My radio screen says AUX when it should say ipod but I'm not sure how to switch it back. Any advice would help.

Easy, press the "band" button till you get to where it says "XM" and turn the "tune" knob one click counter clockwise. This should then display "iPod". Then press the number 2 button and you'll be all set. The "aux" option is there for you to do what you said, control the iPod from the iPod. (unless you also plugged in the aux cable to your gateway and then it switches to the headphone jack plug, but obviously you didn't as you have iPod control still ;) )
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