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Your annoyances.

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I was driving yesterday and the thought hit me. I'd like to hear what annoy people about their car. Maybe someone from GM will see it and address the issue in future models.

I'm not looking for things that are wrong with your car (e.g. steering wheel lock up, leaking panoramic roof, etc.). I'm interested in things that aren't broken or unique to your car but annoy you.

For me:

- I have the 6 disc changer. I didn't really want it but I couldn't get the sunroof without it. I guess that package is an annoyance. My real annoyance is with the changer itself. I absolutely hate the fact then when you eject a disc it automatically changes to the next disc. I think you should have the option of loading a new disc in the slot that you just ejected from immediately. I don't want to have to wait for the next disc to load only to press load and have to wait again as it pulls up the empty slot. Also, maybe being able to choose to eject discs x, y, and z instead of only having the option to eject one disc at a time or all the discs at a time.

- The cheap interior plastics. My doors constantly get scuffed up and some parts of the driver door are actually worn out (for lack of a better term) after only 7 months. Also, to a lesser degree, the cheap feel of the volume and tune knobs on the radio.

- Front seats that are near impossible to reach under. Man, I've dropped some slips of paper, dollar bills, and other stuff down the side of the driver's seat next to the glove box. It's an exercise in frustration trying to get that stuff back out.

That's all I can think of. None of this stuff is a real problem, but it certainly tends to frustrate me from time to time. The 6 disc changer especially, can be very aggravating for me.
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Some things about my GTP coupe that annoy me are.
Even the G5 has side mirrors that are painted to match the body yet the G6 coupe doesn't. Also I would have liked bigger side mirrors.
The CD player will not play MP3s. This should have been easy to do as it would be a software MP3 player programmed into the player. Should not have been expensive to do.
My 99 Grand AM had tire pressure monitoring by using the ABS sensors to measure wheel speed I believe yet my G6 doesn't have this feature which I would think would be a small program built into the Body Computer.
None of these things are critical, and yes I really like the car.
Hmm. I can say the MP3 player option is annoying. Why didnt they put that in? Imagine 6 MP3 discs back to back. That would have been hott! Also i noticed when I had the car up on the lift yesterday that black piece of plastic thats suppose to protect your car. Any one notice that its three pieces clipped together. I wanna call it a spoiler but come on? You could just put one? I would have like to see taped weights on the Chrome tires. The mounted ones look cheap.

All in all though I love my car. Some say you never know what you have until its gone. That week it was in the shop getting repair was the longest week of my life. I missed my girl. :( Long Live the G6!
Yes, I would have liked the 6-disc player to be able to play MP3's as well, but I would have really liked an audio input so I could connect an external MP3 player. I'm still loving the car, it will be a year old tomorrow!
The center console stack looks cheap. They need to upgrade it to something like the g5's or the Saturn Aura's. I think the steering wheel needs to come out another 2 inches or the peddles need to be able to go another 2 inches in (even with the adjustable peddles). My knee keeps rubbing on the edge of the center stack and it annoys the hell out of me. I would like to see the DOD on it too.
Oh yeah, two more.

I'd like to see a telescoping steering wheel as I'm pretty tall and would really like it to be able to come out a few more inches for optimum comfort.

Also, the buttons for the steering wheel controls are too small. I don't use them anyway (I tend to drive with one hand and it's easier/habit to just reach over to the console) but if I wanted to I would be pissed. They are too small and I have to press the buttons with the tips of my fingers (which are not big meaty fingers) instead of my thumb like you should be able to.
Lucius said:
I'd like to see a telescoping steering wheel as I'm pretty tall and would really like it to be able to come out a few more inches for optimum comfort.
It does.
One thing I dont like is the cruise control on the steering wheel the buttons are to small ... my fingers are not that large and I have a hardtime hitting them at times.
On the other hand the radio controls on the other side of the wheel are fine they are
larger and better designed.
One thing that bothers me is that I have a real hard time trying to reset the oil monitoring system. I had my oil changed today and I wasn't able to reset the counter yet. Does anyone else have this trouble?
Anyone else think the location of the cup holders is piss poor? If I have two drinks in the cup holders, I have to either lean on them or reach around them to use the shifter (for example, in manual shift mode). Just really annoying. The holders should have been in front of the shifter IMHO.
I would like to see a realtime MPG rather than just average, a button on the steering wheel to cancel the cruse instead of touching the brakes, windshield washers built into the wiper arms, redesign the wipers so the passenger side doesn't change directions right in front of the drivers eyes. The MP3 capable dash unit and input for portable player would be really nice. a small power jack in reading lamp/sunroof control pod for radar detector. Thats about it for now. Well, maybe add a blower or turbo.....
PCB said:
I would like to see a realtime MPG rather than just average, a button on the steering wheel to cancel the cruse instead of touching the brakes,
the 3-spoke steering wheels actually have a cancel b utton
To reset the oil life monitor, go into 'MENU', when oil life reset displays, hit and hold the 'ENTER' button. A message, 'ACKNOWLEDGED' will appear. Most people assume the oil life reset is in the 'INFO' menu. I hope this helped.


Thanks for the reply. The manual had a procedure where you would press the gas pedal down 3 times slowly within 5 seconds with the key in the ON position, but with the engine not started. I was only able to get it to work a couple of times doing it this way. A real pain in the butt. I even brought it to the dealer to have them show me, and they had a hard time too. This last time I did the procedure and then found that oil reset in the menu and did that, so I don't know if the procedure worked or if it was reset via the DIC. Next time, I will just try doing it via the Menu in the DIC only. Thanks again.

Good Thread!
Here's my take

On the GT, why only a single exhaust? At least make it look sporty!

The Chine line on the doors are too high...when driving with the window down, it's uncomfortable for those of us that like to rest our arm on the sill.

I agree with the wiper issue...it also leaves a line of slush right in front of you in the winter time...maybe one big wiper like the benz

Auto dimming rear view...even my pick up has this!

Leather seats are too stiff on a long trip

Yeah the cup holder line up is odd!

Turning radius sucks!

Backwards fuel gauge!
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The shade for the sunroof covers almost a third of the sunroof, anybody know how to remove it. Other than that I can't think of anything else I find annoying.
yep it is easy just take open the roof up and look at the clips there are 2 just unscrew them it should take 2 min if u cant unscrew them by hand u can use a philips screw driver.

Even the cobalt has mp3 compatible cd player, my fog light indicator burned out and the radio controls are loosing there red color i have had my car almost 2 years and this is already happening :(
gruz1 said:
The shade for the sunroof covers almost a third of the sunroof, anybody know how to remove it. Other than that I can't think of anything else I find annoying.
Yeah, that's kind of annoying but it doesn't bother me anymore. I'd like to see a sunroof that retracts into the roof as well.
Me No Likey

Turning radius, unpainted mirrors, and here's my big peeve: I HATE the manual seatback adjustment, which has to be reset every time you move it forward to put someone/something in the back. And with less than 2K on the car, I can already tell that the cheap plastic covering the lever is not going to hold up. It already feels loose- really a cheap touch on such an important piece. My BMW has memory seats, would be nice on the G6's.
BTW, my lil sis has a Cobalt. She is an MP3 junkie, and there is an adapter that can plug from an iPod to the power outlet in the center storage area, nicely out of the way. but for what I spent on my GTP (21K) it's still a sweet deal if it holds up well. Hope so...

I actually miss the old method of working the speed control where controls were on a stalk and using one's index finger one could adjust or turn on the thing without even looking.
On my GTP, the wheel controls are way too small and difficult to get to work and I find it dangerous because it requires me to take my eyes off the road to get it to function in any way.
Also the cup holders in their position are a joke necessitating reaching back for the container and watching one's shifting too.
The lever controling the seatback came off in my hands the day I bought the car!
I love my GTP but that makes the niggling flaws that much more annoying. Why didn't someone at GM pick up on these things in the design phase?
GTP driver
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