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Your annoyances.

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I was driving yesterday and the thought hit me. I'd like to hear what annoy people about their car. Maybe someone from GM will see it and address the issue in future models.

I'm not looking for things that are wrong with your car (e.g. steering wheel lock up, leaking panoramic roof, etc.). I'm interested in things that aren't broken or unique to your car but annoy you.

For me:

- I have the 6 disc changer. I didn't really want it but I couldn't get the sunroof without it. I guess that package is an annoyance. My real annoyance is with the changer itself. I absolutely hate the fact then when you eject a disc it automatically changes to the next disc. I think you should have the option of loading a new disc in the slot that you just ejected from immediately. I don't want to have to wait for the next disc to load only to press load and have to wait again as it pulls up the empty slot. Also, maybe being able to choose to eject discs x, y, and z instead of only having the option to eject one disc at a time or all the discs at a time.

- The cheap interior plastics. My doors constantly get scuffed up and some parts of the driver door are actually worn out (for lack of a better term) after only 7 months. Also, to a lesser degree, the cheap feel of the volume and tune knobs on the radio.

- Front seats that are near impossible to reach under. Man, I've dropped some slips of paper, dollar bills, and other stuff down the side of the driver's seat next to the glove box. It's an exercise in frustration trying to get that stuff back out.

That's all I can think of. None of this stuff is a real problem, but it certainly tends to frustrate me from time to time. The 6 disc changer especially, can be very aggravating for me.
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my 6 disk plays some mp3 disks and not others. go figure...
Ok, On my 06 GTP sedan,,
1. Low visibility looking out the rear.
2. Cd player automatically changes to the next cd when its done with the first.
3. low turning radius.
4. hesitation to start sometime. think i got that fixed though.
5. The power seat pops sometimes stopping or taking off.
6. Fog lights turn off when the high beam is on.
7. Front end low enough to catch curbs.
8. Shifter is really stiff on a cold morning about 10 F.
9. Car has a slight pull to the left 100% of the time so you have to keep you hand on the wheel
10. To find the name of the paint on your car and not a code, you have to look under your rear license plate.
11. Slight knocking sound coming from the front left strut on a cold morning on bumps.
12. The tuning knob on the radio is a bit far away. have to reach for it.
13. No light in the glove box.
14. Seats get dirty pretty easy.
15. Radio doesn't play mp3's, but a 04 sunfire does... ??
16. Driver seat about 3 inches taller than the passenger seat. Might be an adjustment but haven't looked.
17. brake dust on rims easy.
18. Speakers sound good, but the housing around them vibrates and makes some noise.

good car, hope I can fix some of these things to make me a little happier about buying it.
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Just ask the germans, Cars are not made to have drinks in and have a food party. They are made for driving. On a lot of German made cars, there are not cup holders. On the autobahn, doing 130mph you don't have time to take a sip.
On my GTP (this may be for all of you), I find it to be a pain to get to the 3 spark plugs near the firewall.
You have to take a ratchet strap and pull the motor forward to get your arm back there.
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