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Your annoyances.

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I was driving yesterday and the thought hit me. I'd like to hear what annoy people about their car. Maybe someone from GM will see it and address the issue in future models.

I'm not looking for things that are wrong with your car (e.g. steering wheel lock up, leaking panoramic roof, etc.). I'm interested in things that aren't broken or unique to your car but annoy you.

For me:

- I have the 6 disc changer. I didn't really want it but I couldn't get the sunroof without it. I guess that package is an annoyance. My real annoyance is with the changer itself. I absolutely hate the fact then when you eject a disc it automatically changes to the next disc. I think you should have the option of loading a new disc in the slot that you just ejected from immediately. I don't want to have to wait for the next disc to load only to press load and have to wait again as it pulls up the empty slot. Also, maybe being able to choose to eject discs x, y, and z instead of only having the option to eject one disc at a time or all the discs at a time.

- The cheap interior plastics. My doors constantly get scuffed up and some parts of the driver door are actually worn out (for lack of a better term) after only 7 months. Also, to a lesser degree, the cheap feel of the volume and tune knobs on the radio.

- Front seats that are near impossible to reach under. Man, I've dropped some slips of paper, dollar bills, and other stuff down the side of the driver's seat next to the glove box. It's an exercise in frustration trying to get that stuff back out.

That's all I can think of. None of this stuff is a real problem, but it certainly tends to frustrate me from time to time. The 6 disc changer especially, can be very aggravating for me.
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Large turning radius, unpainted and unheated mirrors, poor cup holder placement, no tire pressure monitor, no cabin air filter.
Chrome strip

I do not like the exterior chrome strip on the doors below the windows on the sedans. I don't think there is one on the coupes.

Besides the tiny chrome around the grilles, it is the only chrome on the car and looks out of place. I would have rather just had a black strip of plastic there.

However, I am too lazy to paint it myself.
Interior Quality?

I love my 06 G6 GT also, but I'm amazed at the poor quality of the interior, i.e., seats. My driver's seat is wearing already and I have only 4700 miles on the car. The driver's side sunshade was just replaced last week, and I had to contact GM for service since the part was on b/o for a month. The car performs beautifully but these issues are very annoying and preventable. Wakeup GM. Penny wise and pound foolish.
Not just a G6 flaw, but does anyone hate the way new car stereos go up in volume to a different level instead of a smooth, knob-turning type of increase/decrease? I have trouble finding a good volume setting in either of my cars, either jumps too loud or dial it back one "notch" and it is too quiet. I have very sensitive ears...
Maybe I should just set it at "eleven" and forget about it : )
What do other G6ers have their auto sound control set at? Why use it? I'd rather have "A-cell-phone-driving-idiot-in-an-SUV-comes-over-in-my-lane-and-almost-kills-me-because-they-didn't-signal-or-even-bother-to-look-because-they-couldn't-care-less-about-anyone-but-themselves-watching-DVDs-or-playing-with-the-Navigation-system-and-are-too-cheap-to-buy-a-$2 headset-at-Walgreens-even-though-their-Ford Explosions-cost $40,000 and $100 to-fill-up-and-get-12 mpg-downhill-with-a-tailwind-and-there's-usually-only-one-person-in-the-freakin' 8-passenger-behemoth anyway" Sensor, that LOWERS the volume so I can concentrate on driving and not getting killed. Does GM offer anything like this?
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I've mentioned it in a previous posting (when a Mitsubishi was compared to a GTP), but a message on this thread reminded me. Why is it that 'sporty' cars like the G6 coupes made in America lack winter practicality; the coupes should have a rear wiper (good for rain too) so that one has at least a fighting chance at rearward visibility? All G6's should have heated mirrors too for the exact same reason: a chance at rear visibility during inclement weather. You know weather other than in California and Florida!!
K, here's another gripe. We all note the coupe's limited rear visibility. Headrests can be removed to help, and I don't expect any coupe to have better rear visibility than the sedan variant. But why in the hell does the coupe have that huge, stupid upper brake light mounted INSIDE the rear window on the back shelf? The sedan has at least a reasonable if not necessarily gorgeous 3rd brakelight integrated into the rear trunk. The coupe could really benefit from this arrangement. The birth defect I speak of is roughly 2" tall and 8" wide, cutting a big chunk of rear visibility out down low. Why make a compromising design (coupe) even more painful. :bs:

There, I got it all out...
ragingfish said:
Anyone else think the location of the cup holders is piss poor? If I have two drinks in the cup holders, I have to either lean on them or reach around them to use the shifter (for example, in manual shift mode). Just really annoying. The holders should have been in front of the shifter IMHO.
cup holders suck for me with a 6 speed manual. I can only get a small coffee in the am and a small drink at night so iI don't knock the damn things over when shifting. poor choice for location. but I can deal with that, It could be worst...
My major gripe is that I got the Monsoon system but it doesn't do MP3s. Monsoon systems have done MP3x in the Grand Am for years but not in the G6 GT or GTP?

I also think the automatic volume adjustment could be a little smoother. It's really jumpy and people think something is wrong with the stereo. I might just end up turning it off.

I also wish we had another option over the 4-speed automatic transmissions. It'd be awesome if Pontiac could drop some 5 or 6 speed automatic transmissions in these cars. :)
CharlesP2009 said:
I also wish we had another option over the 4-speed automatic transmissions. It'd be awesome if Pontiac could drop some 5 or 6 speed automatic transmissions in these cars. :)
the new GTPs come with a 6 speed auto.
Peeves Two

This doesn't just apply to G6's but why, since most of the buyers of cars don't live in a sunbelt and enjoy winter, doesn't a car like the G6 come with at least the option of a winter package: heated outside mirrors and a wiper/washer for the rear window.
Rearward visibility on a clear day is limited on a G6 coupe and come the first hint of inclement weather the back window and outside mirrors cover up creating unsafe driving conditions.
I got a new one...

I WISH more than anything they had a removeable/cleanable liner for the rear cupholders just like they have in the front one...:(
mphred said:
Turning radius, unpainted mirrors, and here's my big peeve: I HATE the manual seatback adjustment, which has to be reset every time you move it forward to put someone/something in the back. And with less than 2K on the car, I can already tell that the cheap plastic covering the lever is not going to hold up. It already feels loose- really a cheap touch on such an important piece. My BMW has memory seats, would be nice on the G6's.
BTW, my lil sis has a Cobalt. She is an MP3 junkie, and there is an adapter that can plug from an iPod to the power outlet in the center storage area, nicely out of the way. but for what I spent on my GTP (21K) it's still a sweet deal if it holds up well. Hope so...
And you were giving me a hard time for saying the interior had cheap plastic trim, among multiple other annoyances posts from you!? :)
Yes, but I was using the 2001 Grand Am as a point of reference- a few cheap plastics, particularly down low on the G6 (lower doors, seatback handle) as opposed to cheap plastic ALL OVER inside (and outside- think "body cladding") on the Grand Am. What annoys me about the G6 is anything that resembles the Grand Ams of yesteryear, essentially. Even GM wanted to distance itself from the sub-par automobile the GA morphed into so the new GA is now- Voila- a G6.

I heard that the brake rotors and the crankshaft on the Grand Am were made of plastic too. Don't know if that's true though, because when I wrote my "Reasons I Probably Won't Buy a Grand Am" post, I pretty much stopped at ugly. Eagle, you really have to lighten up. :beer: Beer for you!
I have a 2006 GTP with 4-speed automatic trans. Every time I drive in Chicago stop-n-go traffic (fortunately not that often), I am amazed at the computer's selection of gears in the 10-15 mph range. It chooses to downshift and subsequently makes for a jerky trottle-position-dependent crawl in slow traffic - when it could simply be coasting in a higher gear (like an old simple 70's automatic does). Does anyone know if Pontiac has a (computer) flash to fix this?

6-disc CD changer but no MP3? Ridiculous! Controls for the stereo? Ridiculous! Sounds GREAT!!

Other than that I love the car (GTP Coupe), especially the feeling that I am sitting down inside the car, and that I am surrounded by the car - instead of sitting high, and feeling like I am on top of a 5-gallon bucket (with the typical visibility excuse used for most newer cars). I'm 6'4" and I don't need to sit high in a car in order to see outside.


Les Myer
2-door base model?

Someone earlier dis-liked the new windshield washer arrangement. Although I don't like to interrupt the body lines on the hood, at least the engine can help keep the washers from freezing in the winter. The washers in the wiper arms always froze in my old GA and once frozen were done until spring. I was happy with this change. I would like to see a "winter" package that would put a 3" tall defroster along the bottom of the winshield to thaw and unfreeze the wipers, Subaru offered this, I'm surprised it hasn't caught on.

I also dislike the quality of materials or lack of, on the door panels/seats. I thought my '99 GA had pretty nice door panels that had inserts that matched the velour-like seats and soft leather-like areas that all went together nicely. I don't see how GM thought hard plastic stamped with a leather pattern would go with hard codurra seats. I am becoming concerned with how the seats will wear. Thanks to the creative people on this website we have some cool options to change the all-black bland interior.

The ability to play mp3's on all cd players would have been nice, along with an audio jack on all stereos. Ipod-like devices are so common how could Pontiac miss this one.

I wish Pontiac made the coupe in a V6 model. This is my first 4-door and I'm not thrilled about it. Here in upstate NY there are many GT's around but in the winter the taller tires/smaller rims of the SE's generally do better. Also the GT's are geared for sportier driving, but losses some mpg in translation. I want a nice sleek looking car (2-door) but it has to perform well in the winter, and get decent mileage. I had a 2-door GA SE1, it looked good and performed well too.

Oh yeah- chrome caps on lug nuts-UGH! These will be a problem soon.
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G6 on Dash

I recently started driving home from work in the dark after Daylight Stupid Time started this week. I love the all red of the instrument cluster, but I've noticed my eyes drawn to the white G6 emblem on the tach. Every time I catch it out of the corner of my eye, I think it is a warning light, as everything else on the dash display is red. I guess I'll have all winter to get used to it...:(
My G6 emblem doesn't light up at all, did they change it for the '06 model year?
I think he just means the way it looks, because no it doesn't light up.
Yeah, it is kind of reflective, enough to think it is an idiot light anyway. I know it seems nit-picky, but it was really driving me nuts last night. And this is the place to dump "your annoyances..."
It doesn't really distract me but I'm not sure why it's there. I know what kind of car I'm driving, I don't need it on my guages.
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