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Your annoyances.

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I was driving yesterday and the thought hit me. I'd like to hear what annoy people about their car. Maybe someone from GM will see it and address the issue in future models.

I'm not looking for things that are wrong with your car (e.g. steering wheel lock up, leaking panoramic roof, etc.). I'm interested in things that aren't broken or unique to your car but annoy you.

For me:

- I have the 6 disc changer. I didn't really want it but I couldn't get the sunroof without it. I guess that package is an annoyance. My real annoyance is with the changer itself. I absolutely hate the fact then when you eject a disc it automatically changes to the next disc. I think you should have the option of loading a new disc in the slot that you just ejected from immediately. I don't want to have to wait for the next disc to load only to press load and have to wait again as it pulls up the empty slot. Also, maybe being able to choose to eject discs x, y, and z instead of only having the option to eject one disc at a time or all the discs at a time.

- The cheap interior plastics. My doors constantly get scuffed up and some parts of the driver door are actually worn out (for lack of a better term) after only 7 months. Also, to a lesser degree, the cheap feel of the volume and tune knobs on the radio.

- Front seats that are near impossible to reach under. Man, I've dropped some slips of paper, dollar bills, and other stuff down the side of the driver's seat next to the glove box. It's an exercise in frustration trying to get that stuff back out.

That's all I can think of. None of this stuff is a real problem, but it certainly tends to frustrate me from time to time. The 6 disc changer especially, can be very aggravating for me.
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Manual is there for a reason. It is the button to the left of the volume switch.

AUTO u (Automatic Volume): With automatic volume, the audio system adjusts automatically to make up for road and wind noise as you drive.
Set the volume at the desired level. Press this button to select LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH. AUTO VOL LOW, AUTO VOL MEDIUM, or AUTO VOL HIGH displays. Each higher setting allows for more volume compensation at faster vehicle speeds. As you drive, automatic volume increases the volume, as necessary, to overcome noise at any speed. The volume level should always sound the same to you as you drive. AUTO VOL NONE displays if the radio cannot determine the vehicle speed or if the engine is not running. To turn automatic volume off, press this button until AUTO VOL OFF displays.
My only problem is the lack of horsepower for a 3,400 pound car other than that love it
ah, thank you so much gapotts. i guess about halfway through the manual i just got bored and stopped reading.
The only real annoyance I have with the G6 GT is that it's for my wife.:(
:) LOL best one.

Me its just the steering clunk that i know almost everyone has.

hitting 70,000 miles today:D
annoyances with my 2007 G6 HTC

- Tires were completely done by the time I reached 30k (and I am a slow driver)
- 65Km on the car right now and I am on my 3rd exhaust system
- Roof wont lock into secure either up or down (but of course not all the time - so my dealership thinks I am crazy)...I guess you are supposed to push the switch 25 times back and forth???
- Brakes have been done twice already at 66k and I just found out that my roters/brakes are shot again along with the ball joints and tierods
- I have had a rattle on the drivers side somewhere up at the top behind the seat since the day I bought the car - but of course it doesn't do this all the time either (again, dealership thinks I am crazy)
Maybe I just got a lemon???
I agree with the auto dimming rear view, for such a new model and not having it is kinda sad. I mainly use my ipod with itrip, but an aux port would be ideal for better quality. and the 6 disc takes forever to load and unload cds. also the vanity mirrors are cheap and break easily, not that I use them often but still. Overall I love the car, but the little things like this bother me. I do like how the wipers are speed sensitive though very nice feature
:mad:I don't know what idiot of an engineer at GM decided that the wipers were a good idea, but I hope he has been let go by now. Being an engineering student myself, I am critical of little things. This though, is as clear as day. Lets have the wiper stop directly in front of your face, leaving water until the primary makes its back sweep. Not to mention, any speed over 65 the wipers will skip over that spot, smearing that water directly in your line of sight. I assumed my wipers were bad when I first got the car, but after I purchased rainx latitude blades the problem was still present. Not sure if its due to the slope of the windshield causing the airflow to lift the blades slightly or not.

Other then that, it is just creature comforts such as the seat is only power up and down. My 1996 Monte Carlo has full power seats. Also, I prefer a tilt steering wheel as opposed to the rake and telescoping ones. Of course, I have the warped rotors too, but I plan on turning them until they are no longer usable and then just upgrading.

:)Besides these complaints, I love the car. Very smooth and composed in corners. The 3500 has a nice, snappy throttle response.
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The seat recline levers. I thought maybe they were designed to come right off so easily, because they in fact doubled as some sort of tool.

That's not the case.

I already lost one after some drunk broad getting in my car must have kicked it out the door as she scrambled into the back seat after the bar... ugh. Now my options are:

1) Find one at the wrecker, and superglue BOTH sides into place.
2) Find some compatible leather upgrades.

Also, the Monsoon system is silly (06 GTP Coupe). Why they thought to integrate the stereo with the DIC baffles me, and now that I want to upgrade my sound system, it's just a pain in the butt.

Someone mentioned brake-dust on the rims, which is indeed brutal. I wouldn't dare replace the stock wheels without upgrading the rotors and calipers. They would be grunged out in a week.
I must say I have none!!!! I love my 06 GTP with over 80,000 miles and counting! Just the normal services (oil changes with mobile one, coolant flush to get rid of the dexcool, tires and brakes) and one oxygen sensor. Can't believe how many annoyances everyone has listed.
I had have my 2006 G6 Sedan for 2 weeks, so far the only annoyances are
1. The side veiw mirror design, I just don't like how it comes to a point
2. I really wish I can adjust the volume and change the stations using the steering wheel

other than that nothing else, well maybe the AUX input but i can deal with that by having 6 disc changer and XM
if you really wanted to go through the trouble you can add the steering wheel/controls
if you really wanted to go through the trouble you can add the steering wheel/controls
Yea I just saw a thread about this, but what i can't figure out is if you need a brand new steering wheel or can you use the one thats already there?
Anyone else think the location of the cup holders is piss poor? If I have two drinks in the cup holders, I have to either lean on them or reach around them to use the shifter (for example, in manual shift mode). Just really annoying. The holders should have been in front of the shifter IMHO.
Agreed, the cup holders are in a bad place and I have an automatic without the manual shift mode, and it still annoyes me.

The radio buttons are super cheap, the finish is coming off mine, I can see red through the sides where I push the buttons more often.

The silve "chrome" rim around the volume and tune knob as well as on the A/C knob is at a parfect angle to catch the sun and shine in my eye, it happens way to often, and I think they changed that after the 2007 model.

The total lack of accessories on the Value Leader model... I bought the car from my parents super cheap, so I really didnt get to pick it, and it has no options, no upgrades. Hooking up my Ipod is a huge pain and could be easier had I not gotten the VL. Will not make this mistake again.
The interior is very poor quality all the way around. The seats are comfortable enough, and Pontiac's signature red lighting is stunning, but the buttons are cheap (mine had several knobs that had peeled off before I even bought it). I have a really "standard" model. It's not a GT or a V6...it's very plain inside. Another complaint I have is the window lock doesn't work on the front passenger seat. I don't know if this is the case in all G6's, but it is in mine- and it's very annoying because I often ride with someone who is obsessed with having the window rolled down a ways, even if it's freezing outside. lol.

I do love my G6 though....I've had no problems with it, and I've driven it pretty heavily since I bought it...I am closing in on 8,000 miles driven. It had 49,000 when I got it, and now it's close to 57,000.
My biggest annoyance is the aluminum G6 door sill plates.
They scratch too easily and will eventually look like crap.
Mine makes some sort of a "clunking" noise when it goes over bumps. It's almost a hollow sound....I think something is loose or something has fell off and is lying somewhere it shouldn't be. I asked the dealership about this BEFORE I bought the car and they told me they would check it out. Well, they did...but found nothing. I have my suspicions that they just said it was okay. Next time I take it into the shop for whatever reason I am going to mention it again (I moved)
wind noise on mine... not so much the moon roof but from the driver side door/window or something like that
-Driver's chair squeaks.
-Steering wheel still shimmies(balanced plenty of times, rotors not warped, alignment done, struts/sway bar link done). Wheels have been verified by 2 places as not bent, and a third said the 1 is bent.
-Car feels cheap, my TC felt more well made than my G6.
-The fact that every time I wash my car, I see another little ding in some stupid place(hood, roof, rear quarter panel).
I guess the only annoyances with my car is that it doesnt have enough power and whats up with the touchy tranny. I mean you cant have even little power adders without the tranny slippin...
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